Hav A Blast with ma girls !

During study week , my schedule was packed with big event which I have to manage for rugby tournament in uitm as a ball-picker . ugh sigh , my face was burn . Its so pathetic , but thts will be my adventure moments and memories which at tt moment i learn how to play rugby , the rules of rugby , and theres , i hv met many new friends in diff course . so super duper happy me yey ! i love to being friends with whoever , ya! and on tht day too we created a best memories among us . burn our face together haha thts so funny bcoz all of us was so frustrated to see our face in front of mirror . Oh ya after 2 days gettin burn . Alin ask me for going a short vacation w her and ida , also fadil . Alin's boyfriend , its sounds so good but ive lacked of money on tht times . But Allah willing it , and finally i joined them . It was so amazing! Im  so happy on tht day , its feel so cool babe! and so happy to be one of them . They so super duper cute , we took many selfie picture! and yey its beautiful . The scenery which i cant describe how grateful i am to be there . feel like want to stay there and dont come back to u . hahaha just in my dreams . Alhamdulillah we safely arrived at afternoon , but yaaaaaa , after back , alin and i was rushin to my room to answer history online test which ended around 11pm . hahahah thts funny .. and the other day , we had a last presentation , which history subject too . we created model of the seagram building , and tht morning i was raised up my hand to volunteer to be the first group to present . and yes everything goin smooth . and guess what we get as reward for being the first? we four got nasi lemak for breakfast heeheheheh so grateful . and after class im goin back to Muar for hav a trip to terengganu w my beloved big family , hahahaha it was so fun during my study week which i m not study at all hahahahah . yaaaaaa , so now i had two paper more . wish me luck okay? love ya xoxo

Thanks :) Iloveyouuuuuu :*